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A leading SEO and Internet service masters in Kenya with an experience of over 7 years.

At Stratton Merchants, we are dedicated to offer you the best web services in Kenya and beyond. We have over 7 years of experience in overall web development, web design, web maintenance and exclusive digital marketing. Hiring us for web development, ensures you get 101% commitment towards successfully complete projects. Even more, we have in-house web designers, content creators and software developers for cooperative Internet Marketing in Kenya.

We are gland to have you as our client, we not only do design for your website but also offer online availability.

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Industry Experience

We have an experience of over 7 years in web design and  Social media marketing.

Brilliant Team

We have a team of trained personals to ensure professional service delivery.

Creative & Professional

Our team of experts  are creative and dedicated to delivery of quality service.

Complex Solutions

We are ready to deliver your solution upon request.

100% Result Guarantee

We offer quality system support to all our clients and any money you pay you get a service.

Why Work with Us

5 Principles of Our Work

The Stratton Merchants Five Principles  are  Reliability, Quality, Efficiency, Affordability and Timely delivery. are the foundation of our culture and our approach to business.

Our Five Principles  have been guiding Stratton Merchants  inc throughout most of our company’s history. Every day, we do our best to put our principles into action through our work and our relationships with our consumers, customers, business partners, communities and one another.

Our Process

  • 1.Receiving Orders

    We receive orders from clients either through referral model or via our online platforms

  • 2. Requirement Elicitation

    We connect with order requester to get more on the user need and the requirements of the users.If there is need for physical meeting we organize to inquire more about user requirements.

  • 3.Invoicing

    Once the user needs are identified we do an invoice to the client based on reported need.

  • 4. Project Implimentation

    We implement the solution based on user need and here is where we involve the user in the process of development to ensure we offer solution as per the need identified.

  • 5. Get Customer Feedback

    When the project is done, we present the project to client or present results of task done for analysis by client and for feedback purposes.

  • 6. Project Deployment

    Once we work on customer feedback we deploy the project  to ensure great user experience and customer satisfaction.

Stratton Merchants

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