Does Your Business Need SEO?

How Will SEO Help with Business Leads? Many business owners know that SEO is vital for their business websites and their advertising needs. They know that it will help in increasing their website’s visibility due to a higher ranking in the search engine. However, there is more to SEO other than…

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Google My Business

Boost Local SEO with Google My Business. If you have a business and are wondering how you can attract customers while sharing information with them, you need to embark on Google My Business. What is Google My Business, and how is it important? This is the most probable question running through…

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Social Media Marketing agency in Kenya
Bring your business to light by setting an online shop and marketing the products with a website

Social Media Marketing agency in Kenya

In modern Kenya, Social Media like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter are definitely slaying traditional media. Many people no longer find the need to purchase newspapers or watch news via TV since their mobile phones can offer all these. This translates to the increase of social media marketing agencies. These platforms have…

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