Digital watches Best Suited For Men

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Digital watches Best Suited For Men

A watch will reveal your style, sense of fashion, and in some instances, your social class. Men especially are more specific on their watches since it’s their main accessory, and some men will not leave their homes without a watch. Some are even ready to go over the budget to purchase these watches.

Digital watches are known to be quality, outstanding and classy. If you are a classy and fashionable person, the digital watches are for you.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best digital watches best suited for men.

SKMEI Analogue- Digital Men’s & Boy’s Watch USP

“This watch can either display in analog or digital form.” Highly durable

This digital watch is made of glass material, and it has a round shape. The band material is rubber; hence it does not easily wear out.

The digital watch can be used to check on time, set the alarm and display dates. The PU buckle is made of stainless steel material, a high-quality and strong material.

This watch requires LR44 batteries to function. It has mild resistance to water and the movement type is Quartz.

TIMEWEAR Analog-Digital Men’s Watch USP

“This watch is one of the most fashionable watches, and it will suit men of all ages.” Round black dial

This watch is appealing to most people, starting from its round shape and silicone straps. The strap width is 22mm, and this silicone material is highly durable.

The watch movement type is Quartz, and batteries operate it. The watch also has a round black dial that enhances its look.

Casio Vintage Series Digital Unisex Watch USP

“This watch can be used as a timer since it can be used as a stopwatch.” Stainless steel material”

The Casio watch has a rectangular shape and is made of stainless steel material. The watch movement type is Quartz.

The watch folds over clasp, and it is recommended for people looking for small dial sized watches. An LR44 battery runs the watch.

The steel band is adjustable; hence, it is perfect even for people with very small wrists. It is also perfect for both men and ladies.

The battery life is approximately seven years; hence the watch is known to last a long time. The watch is water-resistant; hence it cannot get ruined when accidentally dropped in water.

EDDY HAGER Analogue- Digital Men’s Watch USP.

“This watch weighs 249 grams; hence it is comfortable while wearing due to its lightweight.” Fashionable

This watch is perfect for men, and it brings out a sense of fashion in a man. The watch is round, and the straps are made of rubber.

The watch movement type is Quartz. It has a round black dial that enhances its look. The rubber straps are highly durable, and they do not wear out easily.

Sonata Digital Dial Men’s Watch USP.

“This watch is strong and stylish; hence it brings out the person’s sense of fashion.” 

Heat resistant

The Sonata Digital watch is perfect for men, and children can also wear it. I t has an asymmetrical shape, and the band material is synthetic hence safe for children.

The watch movement type is Quartz, and the display type is digital. It has a water resistance depth of 30 meters.

The watch is powered by AA batteries and weighs 57 grams; hence it is light for even children. The watch is resistant to heat, rust, and corrosion. 

This watch is perfect for all outdoor activities since it’s waterproof. It can also be used for sports activities. The clasp is made of stainless steel, quality, and durable material.

It is has a sub-dial for days of the week and dates. It also has an easy alarm chronograph option. The watch will be great for styling your jeans, sports gear.

How to buy the right smartwatch for men


The different materials used in digital watches include stainless steel, steel, plastic, chassis and rubber. The material of the watch will determine its durability and ability to withstand harsh conditions. Steel and rubber materials are mostly used to make the body chassis. The most recommended material for the straps is leather, steel and cloth. In whatever material you choose, ensure that it will not wear out easily. The body chassis ensure it does not break easily, and the straps ensure that they don’t tear easily.


The size of your wrist will determine the size of your watch. Some people might have a bigger circumference at the wrist. When getting a watch, it is good that you are present to get the right size. An undersized watch will hurt your wrist and will be uncomfortable to wear. On the other hand, an oversized watch is uncomfortable since it keeps on moving around your arm, so you have to keep on adjusting it.


When investing in watches, you buy quality watches, which can be pricy in some instances. Hence these are accessories you buy only once in a while. Before purchasing a watch, you need to consider its durability. A good quality watch will determine its durability. The material of the watch will also determine its durability. To enhance the quality, also get a watch from renowned brands.


Most watches operate on batteries. It would be best if you got a watch operating on batteries that are easily accessible. Also, ensure the batteries used in the watch are long-lasting and will last for years. Also, ensure the batteries can be removed and fixed easily for days when you need to change the battery.