SEO Content and Copy writing services

For you to create and sustain a brand, you need to have some creativity. Capturing the attention of your audience during promotions and advertisement. That is why you need a creative service team among your people. However, having a whole department of people involved in creating some designs seems to be a liability. Alternatively, you can hire a different team for creating your content and updating it after some time. That is what Stratton Merchants does for you. Among the creative services we offer include:

Corporate Branding services

Branding establishes your position in the market. With the right approach, you can reach a broader target market. However, to keep them, you need to develop a connection with your clients. This way, they build loyalty to your products. The only way to make your brand stand out is through a creative approach. By creating an appealing message, image, and an emotional connection with your customers, you stand out from your competitors. That is what Stratton Merchants will do for you. We understand the dynamics of the market and prevail at brand management. This way, you can be sure that we will get you to the top and maintain your performance.


We have all seen that one advert on social media and watched it to the end, despite how annoying they can be. Sometimes, you even want to playback and watch it again. This is because the advert was captivating, and you enjoyed watching it, despite the interruption. On the other hand, there are those adverts you see and question the people tasked to do it. Not only do they seem fake, but they also do not capture the least of your attention. If you are the product owner whose ads are that boring, you can be sure that little to no new clients will reach out. However, if you have ads that catch your eye from afar, then new clients will keep streaming into your shops. By hiring Stratton Merchants for your advertising, then you can be sure that we will increase the customer base for your business.

Web design services

Nowadays, with increased digital marketing among businesses, having a website is crucial for the online connection. With the site, you need to make it user-friendly and content-filled. You want to provide the relevant information for your buyers when they visit the website. Ultimately, you want to have a good looking front for your company, which the users can easily navigate. That is why you hire a web designer to create the best website for you. Other than that, you would need it to be compatible with a range of devices, so that you include all groups of clients. That is what we do for you. At Stratton Merchants, we have experience creating websites that offer the best experience to clients.

Content writing services in Kenya

For a website, a proper description of your product would go a long way in informing your prospective buyers. You want them to leave there with enough details on your products. For this, you can either do it internally or hire a team of creative service providers. At Stratton Merchants, we capitalize on keywords, and in effect, improve your SEO performance.