Hire a professional for web design services in Kenya

By owning a business website, you not only create a platform where clients can view your products, but also a platform where you can communicate with your potential and existing customers. A well-designed website plays a crucial role in the successful performance of your business. Despite an excellent social media marketing take on your product, you would require a home base where the clients can place orders, rate your products, provide feedback, and safe communication. That is why it is crucial to have a website. It is also on your website where you upload content regarding your products to existing and prospective buyers. So, how do you make the best website for better interaction?

Features of a good website

If you are to maintain the performance of your business and have a good relationship with your clients, then a good website should be at the center of your efforts. That means that it should be modern and optimized. Also, there should be relevant content on your website, that satisfies the queries of your clients. Also, your website should be responsive. That means that you should maintain communication between you and your customers.

Additionally, it is essential that your website performs and is fast. You do not want to visit a page and have it take like ten seconds to open. More importantly, have your website reliable and easy to navigate.

Hire a web design company in kenya

When it comes to creating a good website, Stratton Merchants stands out from the rest in the market due to their years of experience handling different websites. From our experience, we can easily define the project and its scope. This way, we develop the wireframe and site architecture effectively as we move ahead to create the visual design. After consulting with our clients, we move on to site development, after which we test the website before launching it. Finally, we follow up on the performance of the website and keep up with the site maintenance to ensure you have the optimized version of your website.

What maintenance services do we offer?

Sometimes, there are minor problems that could have a great impact on the performance of your website. Also, content on websites tends to lose their worth with new products entering the market. Therefore, you must carry out the necessary web design services to keep your content updated. Website maintenance is an essential aspect as it keeps your clients engaged; hence you retain them. What are some of these maintenance exercises that Stratton Merchants can do for you?

Weekly Maintenance

At Stratton Merchants, we involve ourselves in maintenance services that require weekly to monthly inspections. For instance, we check pages for loading errors, run backups, check for broken links, offer solutions, or redirects for 404 errors and update your content for better SEO traffic and community engagement.

Monthly and Quarterly Maintenance

For these, we check the loading speeds to your website and security scans. Also, we review the websites to check for outdated content. We also check the performance of your website and compare it with previous months and come up with relevant actions. Additionally, we check to see if we can improve your website design and structure for more straightforward navigation. Finally, we review your SEO and meta titles to ensure they are appropriate and effective.